No. 2 (2014): 4th Issue

The fourth issue of the Journal of the Regional Hub of Civil Service in Astana begins with the article of a widely known and distinguished scholar, Pan Suk Kim, who analyzes the performance-based pay system in the OECD countries as opposed to seniority-based pay for civil servants elsewhere, and considers a case-study of Korea. In the example of Kyrgyzstan, D. Bakchiyev investigates one of the instruments of raising the quality of public service delivery which is introduction of performance appraisal of civil servants. The article of A. Morozevich investigates various aspects and issues of personnel policy in public administration and provides recommendations for handling the managerial level. Y. Styrin in his article sheds light on to the features and ways for improving the register of public services of Russia as part of e-government. J. Nemec provides in his article an analysis of administrative reforms in Central and Eastern Europe and draws attention to how widespread the principles of New Public Management still are as well as to decreasing public trust in public institutions and politicians in many countries. Y. Zharkeshov provides analogues analysis of PA reforms in Central Asia and Caucasus and concludes that a key factor of national development is quality of public institutions and governance. The analysis demonstrates that post-Soviet countries appear to be interesting and under researched cases of transformation efforts to market which were heavily influenced by such global trends of the 1980s and 1990s as notorious Washington consensus. In his article, a distinguished practitioner and life-long international career civil servant, Chet Newland analyses the development of the US Federal Executive Institute in light of the shift of the American society from elitism towards inclusive growth, emphasizing the remaining challenges ahead and potential solutions to them.

This issue also features recommendations of the participants of the Global conference on civil service held within the framework of the 7th Astana Economic Forum in 2014.

We hope this fourth issue of the Journal will be of interest to you and that it will spark policy debates on the issues addressed by the above mentioned scholars and practitioners.

Published: 2016-06-01