Digitalisation of Public Service Delivery, and Innovation in Government Operations in Central Asia and the Caucasus


  • Tolkyn Omarova Astana Civil Service Hub
  • Diana Sharipova Astana Civil Service Hub



This article presents the progress countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus have made in the areas of innovation and digitalisation. It utilises the findings of a needs-assessment study, recently completed, on the state of digitalisation in the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus. Such findings explicitly reveal where these countries stand across nine dimensions, considered critical for the advancement of innovation in government operations and of digitalisation of public services and their provision through differentiated channels of delivery. The article highlights where these countries stand nowadays, as well as what they ought to do in order to advance further. 

Key words: civil service, public services, digitalisation, innovation

Author Biographies

Tolkyn Omarova, Astana Civil Service Hub

Research Expert, Research

Diana Sharipova, Astana Civil Service Hub

National Expert on Digital Transformation Needs Assessment