Social Innovation and Social Capital in Health, and its Implications on Third Sector Involvement in the Public Sphere: Reflections for selected countries in post-Soviet Eurasia

Faina L Diola, Rita M. Gallardo


This paper reviews the study by Gallardo (2014) on social innovation (SI) in the health sector in selected Philippine provinces. Gallardo’s study found government to have developed a space, so different parties including the third sector come together. Also, it appears that the formation of social capital (SC) is apparent and both SI and SC are facilitated by enabling/mediating mechanisms. This study employs key interviews and secondary data reviews, and asks: What is the role of the third sector in the development of SI in health and in the formation of SC? What enabling/mediating mechanisms facilitated the processes of SI and social capital formation (SCF) and third sector involvement? Are these mechanisms public spheres for increased third sector involvement in development? The findings can hopefully contribute to articulating the public value of creating more public spheres for third sector involvement in SI and SCF and stimulate reflections for post-Soviet Eurasia.

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