No. 1 (2013): 1st Issue

The first issue of the Journal of the Regional Hub of Civil Service presents commentaries and papers presented during the Global conference on civil service within the 6th Astana Economic Forum.

The first issue begins with Alikhan Baimenov’s speech where he draws attention to the historical milestones of civil service development in Kazakhstan and associated challenges at each stage of development and innovative solutions found. Professor Rolet Loretan explains how the IIAS serves as a worldwide platform for administration and identifies the main trends in public sector and administration. In the long run, Professor Loretan sees Kazakhstan as a hub for establishing the Central Asian and Caucasus group of Public Administration. Irakli Kotetishvili provides rather interesting insights into the recent transformation of public governance in Georgia. Alexander Turchinov highlights the stages of civil service development in Russia and current challenges. Aaly Karashev provides insights into the experience and innovations of Kyrgyz Republic on civil service reform through 11 steps of modernization. Caspar F. van den Berg, Frits M. van der Meer and Gerrit S. A. Dijkstra stress the recent movement towards equalizing civil service personnel policies and practices with those in the private sector. They argue that there is a trend towards managerial bargains. Dr. Matthew Stafford gives valuable insights into the United States executive civil servants training system by discussing executive core qualifications and competencies such as communications and problem-solving. Dr. Bolatbek Abdrassilov draws attention to the role and achievements of Kazakhtan’s Public Administration Academy on civil service training and its priorities according to the Strategy of "Kazakhstan 2050". Professor Yelena Kalyuzhnova focuses on the main areas of public administration research. Deniz Susar highlights the role of the important programme entitled United Nations Public Administration Network (UNPAN) designed to help countries, especially in developing countries and those in economic transition, to respond to modern challenges. Professor Urkhan Alakbarov emphasizes the importance of human capacity building for sustainable development and security. Professor V. A. Shamahov emphasizes the modern requirements and success criteria of civil service training institutions in Russia while professor Tyurin E. A. discuss the topic of Eurasian state building.

We hope this first issue of the Journal will be of interest to you and that it will spark policy debates on the issues addressed by the above scholars.

Published: 2016-06-01