A Strategic Shift: Azerbaijan's Journey to Competency-Based Civil Service Selection


  • Maleyka Abbaszade State Examination Centre, Azerbaijan
  • Parviz Kazimov State Examination Centre, Azerbaijan


Azerbaijan is updating its civil service recruitment by transitioning to a competency based HRM model to better align with the rapid changes in the labour market. This shift fosters a more flexible, transparent, and validated system, emphasising individual skills and organisational goals. The State Examination Centre (SEC) is instrumental in this transformation, integrating broader HRM strategies for career mobility and talent management. The new model includes significant updates in assessment methods, focusing on cognitive abilities, competencies, and reducing organisational burdens, aimed at enhancing efficiency and inclusiveness in civil service practices. Incorporating Situational Judgment Tests (SJT), general mental abilities (GMA) assessments, structured interviews, and assessment centre (AC), the new approach seeks to provide a more nuanced evaluation of candidates, ensuring a fit that supports both individual career development and national talent management strategies, marking a significant evolution from traditional methods to a comprehensive, competency-driven recruitment process.

Key words: Competency-based recruitment, competency-based HRM, generic competencies, technical competencies, situational judgement test (SJT), general mental abilities (GMA)