People Management and Development at Thorgate


  • Virgo Riispapp Managing Director, Thorgate


It was ten years ago, when I had made my first mistakes as a manager. I started thinking about the future challenges I could face in this role and how to solve or avoid any problems. I started wondering how I could effectively lead people in my future roles. One question that seemed the most challenging at that time was: ‘what motivates people’? This has been relevant for me through my last ten-year journey as a manager in different organisations. I have worked in the police and other public companies, and then I made a switch to the private sector. People believe that public and private sectors are very different. However, I have served half of my professional career in the public sector and the other half in the private sector, only to realise that the challenges of managing people remain the same and so do the principles. In my current position as Managing Director at Thorgate, I have practiced the most efficient and detail-oriented way of people management.