Analysis of Farmers' Digital Applications (Apps) for Availing Agriculture-Related Information Services


  • Mohammad Sahadat Hossain
  • Manik Mahmud
  • Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman
  • Sarmin Akter Simul
  • Md. Masum Billah


Krisoker Digital Thikana (Farmer’s Digital Platform) is an on-line and off-line based application to provide different agriculture-related services to farmers. There are many pictures and videos of different plant diseases along with symptoms, prevention and treatment available in Krisoker Digital Thikana. The study is conducted through the use of a quantitative method to evaluate the newly introduced application in the agricultural sector from the TCV (Time, Cost and Visit) perspective comparing it to the manual agriculture-related services provided to farmers. In comparison to the previous procedure, the average time has been reduced by 68% by using the Krisoker Digital Thikana electronic for agriculture-related services. Similarly, the average cost has been reduced by 96% by getting services through the Krisoker Digital Thikana. Since time and cost have been reduced through the use of the new procedure, visits have also been reduced by 27%. It is also observed that 30% of the service recipients have been very satisfied with using the new procedure while 66% are not satisfied. Besides, 4% of the respondents have been moderately satisfied on the using the Krisoker Digital Thikana. Nevertheless, farmers are now availed to get modern agriculture-related services from Krisoker Digital Thikana though there are still some challenges, as a considerable number of farmers is still not aware of the application. Hence, an awareness raising campaign should be launched to inform farmers about this revolutionary and innovative service.