The System of Certification and Performance Evaluation of Civil Servants in the Republic of Belarus

Henadzi Palchyk


Performance evaluation in the system of public administration is aimed not only at measuring the values of certain indicators, but also at building a common policy of human resources management, designed to ensure the coordination of the activities of each civil servant at different levels with the overall management strategy. The main goal is to encourage civil servants to constantly improve their professional knowledge and skills in order to be able to move up the career ladder and achieve higher levels in their professional development. Evaluation and certification procedures are complex and involve the use of various levels of assessment and performing a series of interrelated stages. According to the results of law enforcement practice, it is planned to intensify work on the implementation of specific software tools (testing facilities) for evaluation of activities and assessment of civil servants using modern means of automation of these processes.

Key words: assessment, certification, civil servant.


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ISSN: 2409-5532