TCV+ Analysis on Online Fertilizer Recommendation: Automation of Data Processing and Data Updating

Md. Mustafizur Rahman, H.M. Asad- Uz- Zaman, Md. Ashraful Islam, Tito Chakma, Md. Abdul Aziz


The key focus of this study is to find out the TCV (Time, Cost, and number of Visit) impact through a project entitled “Online Fertiliser Recommendation, Automation of Data Processing, and Data Updating” implemented by the Soil Resource Development Institute (SRDI) in Bangladesh. Fertiliser recommendation, automation of data processing, and data updating on-line are important works of SRDI. Previously, people had to go to the city or regional SRDI offices to test the soil for measuring its condition and plant nutrient status for better crop cultivation. Now, the provision of on-line fertiliser recommendation service has made the process much easier, less time consuming and less costly than the previous manual / off-line system. SRDI test soil samples and publish the fertiliser recommendations in their database. It has minimised the expenditure of the beneficiaries in terms of time and money needed to obtain fertilised recommendations for their crops. The study also focuses on the non-monetary benefits, like the beneficiaries’ satisfaction, willingness to recommend the application to others and relevant indicators of this ICT based-project.

Keywords: On-line Fertiliser recommendations, Data Processing for Soil Resource, Data Updating for Soil Resource, TCV (Time, Cost and Visit), ICT for Soil Resource, ICT for Agriculture

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ISSN: 2409-5532